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(Prince of the Geats)
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In 1975, in one of those “comic books aren’t just for kids !” moments, DC produced a very… loose adaptation of the poem as a kitchen-sink D&D-esque romp. This took place during the “DC Implosion”  editorial crash, and the...

(DC Implosion character)
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After the DC Implosion Starfire wasn’t glimpsed again in decades, except in a tall tale narrated by the Space Ranger. However, she was spotted again when, in 2010, an improvised chronal beacon of Rip Hunter was bollixed. It thus sent three of his allies –...

(Katherine Manser)
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After the DC Implosion, Cinnamon chiefly appeared when somebody was travelling back to the Wild West era (the 20-30 years after the Civil War). It was usually the occasion to have an ensemble appearance by a selection of American Old West heroes. The usual suspects included...

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IIRC The Odd Man was a victim of the DC Implosion . The story in ’Tec #487 was actually slated as the first in a series of backup adventures in Shade, The Changing Man but Shade (like so many others… Vixen #1 (sob)) bit the dust before it could see the light of day. What can I...

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Chainsaw Warrior: “I’ve been in the field too long to not know when something’s wrong.” Colonel Miller: “I don’t know what you mean…” Warrior: “…You’re holding back ! I know it and you better get it through that thick head...

(Sam Wilson) (Ultimate version)
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gets a shot at it. I’ve seen dead soldiers, Cap. What if I could make a machine that brought them back ?” Nick Fury: “…Damn.” Captain America: “Call me Steve.” DC Universe History Before his tour in the US Army, Sam attended NYU long...

(Skyborn video game)
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As it turned out, slaughtering the Fey had been highly detrimental to the balance of magical energy in the world. But when the Skyborn realized this, it was almost too late. They were forced to keep the last Fey alive, their King, locked in a Fey dimension. However, just one Fey...

(Profile #1 - Mass Effect)
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T’Soni was trained by a powerful Matriarch, and exercises her telekinetic powers regularly and seriously. Though she looks harmless and would rather avoid fights, she can use her mind to throw people around like rag dolls, trigger gravity implosions, sheathe herself in protective force...