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“Divine” nature There *might* be connections between these gods and other settings of the DC Implosion era . Magical space invaders conquering humanity are also found in Starfire. Furthermore, the Satan in Beowulf is quite reminiscent of Dgrth – though...

(Karla Sofen) (Profile #3 - early Thunderbolts)
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In DC Heroes RPG terms I’ve therefore dropped the Insta-Change and costume from the earlier version, replacing it with Chameleon, limited to her clothing. She’s also faster, flying at speeds of around 500mph. Phasing Her phasing  ability has also developed, and has become one of her primary...

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The main improvements were superhuman strength and the ability to see in darkness. Their level of strength is unknown, though I would guess — in DC Heroes terms — a 07 for the guys and 06 for the gals. The first two perfected, fertile specimen were Gor-Tok (likely a direct ancestor...