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(Diablo II)
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The Amazon is one of these adventurers. Here is what little is known about her. Diablo II was a huge success both because of a highly-polished gameplay, and the atmosphere within the setting. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This assumes a bowazon...

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“If you can’t hear singing, But you see their eyes glow red, The Reaper will be coming, To take away the dead.” – Children’s rhyme for playing skipping rope. Context Shardlight is an adventure video game, published in 2016. Said publisher is Wadjet Eye , a...

(John Miller)
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Context Freedom Force was a 2002 squad tactics video game, with a 2005 sequel. It received excellent reviews, and remains one of a puzzlingly small number of successful PC games about super-heroes. It takes place during the 1960s, with a strong Silver Age  style and Kirbyesque character...

(Final Fantasy X)
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Background Real Name: Unrevealed. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: None. Group Affiliation: Lord Brasca’s Guardians, Lady Yuna’s Guardians. Base Of Operations: Mobile. Height: 6’2”? Weight: 210 lbs. Eyes: Brown Hair: Black, but starting to gray. ...

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The background of the party itself is completely made-up as an example. There’s no information about them in the game itself. also includes a strategy guide to play Avernum: Escape from the Pit. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ...

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Context These are very minor HλLF-LIFE video game creatures and yes, a screenshot in-game is kinda of challenging when it comes to them. For more context you can refer to those two articles : Black Mesa incident report. Gordon Freeman character profile. For more context about the...

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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); History The Black Mesa complex is a private high-tech research installation (with strong ties to the U.S. government) located somewhere in the American Southwest. An accident in the Anomalous Materials Lab caused a...

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Powers and Abilities Barney is a high-level guard in the Black Mesa Research Facility. He has the security training and clearances to match. Barney also has some skill in maintaining and repairing the various systems at Black Mesa. Since it is hard to find workers who pass the background...

(Marvel Heroes 2015 video game version)
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If you’re new to and came via Google, we are an encyclopaedia about comic book characters, video game characters and the like. This profile features tabletop RPG mechanics about the video game’s gameplay – see our video games writeups FAQ for more. This profile features...

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Context This creature is from the original, 1998/99 HλLF-LIFE video game. For more context you can refer to those two articles : Black Mesa incident report. Gordon Freeman character profile. Background Base Of Operations: Xen. Size: About llama-sized. Advertisement ...