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(Titan Quest)
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Unlike most of our work, I didn’t scrupulously comb the dialogue for clues about the playable character. In fact, I merrily contradict what little is known since it’s negligible and not fun. This profile features a sample or customized Player Character – see our video games...

(Profile #1 - Early) (Star Wars: The Old Republic)
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Since this is a RPG, Meeyelle is but one possible version of the Jedi Consular, who is extensively customisable. Apparently the canonical Jedi Consular is male but heh, whatever. As often when we present “sample” video game Player Characters , the profile includes additional...

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Two other archetypal Torchlight character classes have such entries : Sample Vanquisher (The Amazing And Stunning Shivangi) from the first Torchlight game. Sample cannon-centric engineer (Cannonball Rae). This profile features a sample or customized Player Character – see our video games...

(Profile #2 - Mass Effect 2 part 1)
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It is a science fiction story, of the starships and space aliens kind. Most of the action takes place in a military context, as an apocalyptic threat against the galaxy emerges. It’s one of my favouritest games ever. offers extensive Mass Effect coverage. The core...

(Part #3 - Mass Effect 2 part 2)
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History I am stretched on your grave The crew of the Normandy was purposefully dispersed by the Systems Alliance. And with Shepard dead, nobody had STR clearance. Without the Commander to hold it together her hand-picked team drifted apart. Its members had to address their own...

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Context K-9 is a character in the classic 1998 video game Fallout 2. If you’re not familiar with it, we suggest that you first read our sample Vault Dweller character profiles, which also explain the setting. K-9 has but the barest development, but subsequent games have more information...

(Skyborn video game)
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It is a short thing, made using RPGmaker . RPGMaker is a toolset to make video games – usually old-school Japanese style-RPGs. Most RPGMaker-based games are done by tiny teams or even a single person. Which also means that they are quite affordable. Claret Spencer being...

(The Silent Age)
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Powers & Abilities Joe is not particularly skilled at anything. But he has enough common sense to know a little bit of everything. His skillset includes: Marksmanship. Climbing. Cartography. Picking locks. Melee weapons use. Driving. Boating. While having no...

(Jolene Hassan profile #1 - Junktown)
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The protagonist of the game, the “Vault Dweller”, is an indeterminate figure with no past and no characterisation, and is implicitly male (though characters of both genders can be created). Our sample Vault Dweller is thus an original creation. Her entire past is made up for...

(Jolene Hassan profile #2 - Roamer of the wasteland)
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This profile is #2 in a chronological series. So you should start with the first profile instead, right ? The series goes : Vault Dweller (Jolene Hassan) chapter 1 – to Junktown. Vault Dweller (Jolene Hassan) chapter 2 – roamer of the wasteland. Vault Dweller...