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Powers and Abilities A highly experienced intelligence operative, Irina is an accomplished armed and unarmed combatant. However she usually stays in the background, surrounding herself with mercenaries who do the fighting for her, or manipulating her enemies into furthering her goals. Video A...

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Powers and Abilities An experienced intelligence operative, Arvin has mainly served in a management role, rather than as a field agent, but he has had some combat training, and is a good marksman. His main asset is his ability to manipulate people, to either convince or fool them into working...

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Background Real Name: Anna Espinosa. Other Aliases: Sydney Bristow. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: None. Group Affiliation: Prophet Five ; formerly K-Directorate, Cadmus Revolutionary Front. Base Of Operations: Mobile. Height: 5’10” (5’8” as Sydney)...