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Powers and Abilities Lee is a Colonial fleet officer of vast experience both Pre and post apocalypse. He is a leader of men and leads by example. He was promoted to fleet rank, Commander of the Pegasus and later left the military and went into politics. When Admiral Adama and President...

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Powers and Abilities Cmdr Adama is a highly experienced military commander with a personality that fills any room. Adama runs the military organization of the fleet and the Galactica itself. More importantly he manages to give hope to a people who have just about run out. Adama is a...

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Powers and Abilities Kara “Starbuck” Thrace is a highly trained and viciously effective combat pilot. She is a military officer with a wide streak of rebelliousness that is tolerated in the desperate world they live in. Kara is an effective brawler, and is skilled in combat small...