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Juanita Jean Sachs
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Genre theory Both the Sachs and Violens Limited Series and the Fallen Angel series wherein Sachs and Violens later appear operate in very specific genres. Here is what you need to now. Mood indigo – the urban wasteland genre Sachs and Violens operate in an exagerrated version of a genre...

(Ernie Schultz)
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Powers and Abilities Violens is a natural-born killer and a veteran who fought in Việt Nam. He’s great with firearms, knives and grenades, and seems to be primarily an assaulter. He is a brutal, experienced and fearless fighter. His extensive training allows him to...

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There are some minor continuity differences between the DC and IDW versions, but these are generally minor. The main two are the implication that she’s been pregnant before, and the changing of Sister Mary Catherine to Sister Mary Elizabeth. Really, these don’t affect this...

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History Of Korean ancestry, Cu Ba Mynah was presumably born there, although this is uncertain. Spending some of his youth in the African city of Maristan, he was one of the few to survive an encounter with an unnamed malevolent entity which feeds on the worst parts of peoples’...

(Bete Noire)
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History Born into an English mining community, Terrance could never please his abusive father. When his father was trapped by a cave-in caused by his own incompetence, Terrance, barely in his teens, was approached by Mr. Goode of the Hierarchy, who offered him the ability to rescue his...

(Mariah Blaque)
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Powers and Abilities Mariah’s touch rots any organic material she comes into contact with, burning flesh on contact, quickly turning regular humans into withered husks. The touch used to take longer to affect ’dead‘ organics, such as taking an hour to erode a wooden chair...