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(Caroline Farrell) (Profile #2 - Evolved)
 0   -   
Powers & Abilities By this point Echo has more or less gained control of her mind, and can access the skills and personalities of previous imprints with a thought, either in whole or just the portions she requires. This includes the enhanced martial skills of some of her imprints, which makes...

(Caroline Farrell) (Profile #1 - Early)
 0   -   
This profile covers Echo up until she gains the ability to access any of her imprinted personalities at will. Although she’s evolving all the way through this time. This entry has S P O I L E R S for Dollhouse. Background Real Name: Caroline Farrell. Marital Status: Single. Known...

 0   -   
Powers & Abilities A genius at neural science, Topher has become the leading scientist working on Rossum’s secret imprinting technology, taking the imprinting time down from two hours to a matter of seconds within a month of first getting his hands on it. History [More detail can be...

 0   -   
Powers & Abilities Due to an incident which downloaded his previous imprints into his mind, Alpha retained them all, gaining an awareness the active architecture should have taken from him. Able to access all of their abilities, Alpha is a dangerous fighter, able to disable and kill a highly...