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aka Captain Britain
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Powers and Abilities Brenten is the field commander of Newport City’s Tank Police Squad. As such, he’s well trained in the use of weapons and tanks. He’s an expert in guns and ammo (he has a permanent subscription to the “How To Kill” magazine). He also has...

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Powers and Abilities She’s a trigger happy nut with a tank and excellent police, armored vehicles and urban combat training. Scary, huh ? Bonaparte Bonaparte is a strange mini-tank, about the size of a van. It was built from pieces salvaged from Britain’s Tiger Special...

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Background Real Name: Anna and Uni Puma Note: One of the Sisters is called Anna Puma in the original Shirow’s manga but is called Annapuna in the OAV. I published the first out of personal taste. But apart from the name, the characters are identical. Marital Status: Single Known...