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(Dungeons & Dragons)
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Background Height: 10′ or so (a full-sized adult is 20′ long). Weight: 800 lbs or so for a 10′ long specimen, up to three tons for a large adult 20′ long. Colours: Chitin can be brown, green or yellow. Pinkish underside. Overview Ankhegs are primarily burrowing...

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They get a capsule entry due to : Rank Fiend Folio (the original one) nostalgia. Remembering how they brought some variety to the possible humanoid encounters with two Hit Dice. Their (minor) presence in Chapter 2 zones of the classic Baldur’s Gate video game, and in several novels...

(Profile #1)
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He also draws from some Nordic mythology and imagery, albeit some of the material is older than that used in Marvel’s Thor comics. Background Real Name: Magnir Borsson. Marital Status: Married. Known Relatives: Morwaine of the Fire River (wife), Bor (father, deceased), Kenna Alansdottir...

(Firan Zal-Honan)
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Background Real Name: Firan Zal’Honan Marital Status: Unmarried Known Relatives: Unnamed Son (Deceased), Unnamed Wife (Deceased) Group Affiliation: None Base Of Operations: Castle Avernus Height:  ?? Weight:  ?? Eyes: Empty, but with red fire Hair: White, rotting strands ...

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Powers and Abilities Beholders are a mystical (or alien) race. They would most commonly be found during a “demon invasion” style scenario, or in the depths of space. It would not be uncommon to find them as bodyguards to demon lords. They are slave holders and will...