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Powers and Abilities Geronimo is a well-rounded Warrior. He’s very able at handling horses, herbal medicine, sneaking and even driving. He has vast expertise with various melee weapons and firearms and never misses a throw, whether with a tomahawk or a hand grenade. He’s...

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Modus operandi : The Family and its Council of leaders, the elders, keep an eye open to rumors and such, of anything that could be a treat to their community. Additionally, they have regular meetings with allies to exchange information. The Family’s main concern is to survive...

(Gabriel) (Endworld novels)
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Background Real Name: Gabriel. Other Aliases: Blade, The Giant. Marital Status: Married. Known Relatives: Jenny (wife), Gabe (son). Group Affiliation: The Family, Family Warriors Alpha Team, Freedom Force. Base Of Operations: The Home, mobile. Height: 7’ Weight: 275 lbs. Eyes: Brown...