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Cynosure The huge pan-dimensional city of Cynosure abuts on a number of dimensions, which move in and out of phase with Cynosure in distinct cycles, some being almost permanently accessible, others accessible for only a few hours every century or so. These dimensions abut all over the City, and...

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Background Real Name: Reuben Flagg. Other Aliases: Mark Thrust – Sexus Ranger, Peter Zarustica (of the Four World Industries Security), Ranger Flagg. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: Axel Flagg (American father), Rebecca Flagg (Russian mother). Group Affiliation: Plexus...

Norbert Sykes
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He drifted in and out of mental institutions upon his return to the states, and it was during one of these stays that he encountered Ham, the Weather Wizard. Ham revealed himself to be an ancient Celtic druid, and with the help of psychologist Daisy Fields, both he and Norbert were...

(Alexis Devin)
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Near the end of the series was able to impersonate an international hitwoman with little trouble, mastering many weapons and assassination techniques. While she’s not the Question, she became pretty good for a realistic character. Her aikido very quickly became aikijutsu and steadily evolved...