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(Guardians of the Galaxy)
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Background Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: Talogan (son). Group Affiliation: Guardians of the Galaxy. Base Of Operations: Mobile. Height: 5’10” (6’6” in evolved state) Weight: 175 lbs (280 in evolved state). Eyes: Green (Red in evolved state) Hair: Black ...

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Powers & Abilities Like all Pluvians, Martinex’s body is composed of extremely complex silicon-isotope organic compounds. These help protect from extremes of temperature. This also makes gives him greater mass and strength than normal humans, allowing him to lift around a ton,...

(Stakar Vaughn)
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Powers & Abilities Starhawk has the ability to generate luminous energy for various purposes. He can radiate blinding lights or project beams at different frequencies, to produce intense heat, or coherent beams of light which strike targets with concussive force. He may also generate...

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Powers and Abilities Wileaydus can will his transformation into the Spirit of Vengeance at any time, transforming into a skeletal figure with a burning skull. As the Spirit, he has superhuman strength and resistance to injury, rapidly healing any damage he does take. His leathers are covered...

(Comic book version)
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Powers & Abilities Yondu is a highly trained combatant and hunter, skilled in the use of his weapons. He possesses some unexplained senses that allow him to empathically feel disturbances and unnatural phenomena in the area. His spiritual abilities also allow him to enter the mind of an...

(Vance Astro)
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Background Real Name: Vance Astro. Marital Status: Engaged. Known Relatives: Arnold Astrovik (father, deceased), Norma Astrovik (mother), Jerzy Astroyevicht (aka Jerry Astrovik; paternal grandfather), Katerina Astroyevicht (aka Katerina Astrovik; paternal grandmother). Group Affiliation:...

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Powers & Abilities Like all Skrulls, Replica can change her shape and appearance, from something as simple as changing her skin to appear human, to radically altering her shape and size, changing into a fly or a Jadroxxian (big, tough, mean aliens). History [See the Guardians of the Galaxy...

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Background Real Name: Charlie-27 Other Aliases: Captain-27 Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Charlie-26 (father, deceased), Mabel-17 (mother, deceased) Group Affiliation: Guardians of the Galaxy; formerly Jovian Military Base Of Operations: Mobile Height: 6’8” Weight: 555...

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Powers & Abilities Aleta’s body is composed of solid light particles, which allows her to: project lumen-pulses, blasts of solid light create solid light constructs fly (originally by creating solid light disks under her feet, but since her time as Starhawk this no longer seems...

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Powers and Abilities Nikki is a member of a genetically engineered offshoot of humanity. These were adapted for survival in the harsh conditions of the planet Mercury. Mercurians have the ability to see in intense light, and a high degree of resistance to heat. Nikki’s regular body...