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History Born to the primitive tribes of Centauri IV, Photon’s powers emerged when she was still an infant, for which she was labelled an abomination, and was to be killed because of it. Her parents rebelled against the tribe, and while her father gave his life holding the tribe back,...

(85, Eighty-five)
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Powers and Abilities Eightyfive can strong control over magnetism, allowing him to manipulate metal with his mind, shaping it to his will. He also uses his magnetism to allow him to fly. History A pink Kree, Eightyfive was born a slave to the blue-skinned Kree. His family was killed...

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History A native of the planet Mobius, Broadside was recruited into Force by Interface. When Interface learned of a sacred shield which supposedly bestowed great power on its wielder, he led Force on a search for the shield. They eventually tracked it down to a planet, where the computer...