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Background Real Name: Claire Bennet Other Aliases: Vivian Lewis, Claire Butler, Bonnie Monaco and the following nicknames: Claire Bear, the Cheerleader, Little Miss Miracle Grow, Barbie, Dorothy Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Noah Bennet (Adopted Father), Sandra Bennet (Adopted...

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Powers and Abilities Nathan possesses the ability of flight. He can reach supersonic speeds and does not seem to suffer any ill effects normally associated with that velocity. He also has been exposed to fires on more than one occasion without much apparent effect. He also shares a close...

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Powers and Abilities Matt’s Mind Probe starts as only the ability to hear thoughts. Initially this is overwhelming ; however, he eventually learns to tune out thoughts as we tune out background noise (though the noise is still there). Since his ability to read minds is almost...

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Though the first season was very strong, the show is widely considered to have then sadly disappeared up its own derrière. Background Real Name: Peter Petrelli Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: “Dallas” Petrelli (father, deceased), Mrs. Petrelli (mother), Nathan Petrelli...

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Background Real Name: Hiroshima Nakamura Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Kaito Nakamura (Father), Ishi Nakamure (Mother), Kimiko Nakamura (Elder Sister) Group Affiliation: The Heroes (there’s not yet a formal name for the group coming together in New York) Base Of Operations:...