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(Son of the Bat)
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Powers and Abilities Ibn has no innate abilities beyond his astounding physique and intellect. He is very highly trained in body and mind and his ability is matched only by his ruthlessness. History Ibn al Xu‘ffasch (“Son of the Bat”) is the child of Bruce Wayne and...

Kingdom Come version
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Magog became leader of the Justice Battalion, in whose last mission he led against the Parasite. The rest of the team, with the exception of Alloy, were killed and most of America’s heartland became a desolate nuclear waste. There is some speculation that Magog may have been the child of...

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Powers and Abilities Trix is able to command her body to take on any form she can imagine. However, she seems to prefer simply creating firearms and weapons with her arms and sprouting wings from her back. She can extend her limbs to a range of approximately 40 feet. History The being known as...