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(Five-Year Gap version)
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When it comes to character history and personality, I’ve treated the 2995 LSH Sourcebook as almost equal to a primary source  on par with the comics, since it was written by two of the then-current LSH writers. Background Real Name: Taryn Loy. Other Aliases: Calorie Queen. Marital...

(Pre-Crisis version)
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The treatment devised by Taryn’s father channels a bit of that excess energy into her muscles, making her as tough as three normal men (STR, BOD). Calorie Queen demonstrated competence in hand-to-hand combat, and solid general agility and athleticism. History Taryn Loy is the daughter of...

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Powers and Abilities Chuck can expand his body, balloon-like, at will. In this soft, spongy form, Bouncing Boy can rebound his body off of surfaces with expert ease (in DC Heroes RPG terms, Jumping). While in mid-bounce, he is protected from electrical charges and shocks since he is not...