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Powers and Abilities The Eye is immensely powerful, possessing mystical powers second only to Mordru himself. The Eye needs a host to function, and the host must accept the Eye on it’s own. The Eye then slowly seduces the host, and, if necessary takes control of them. The Eye tries...

Tinya Wazzo
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History Tinya Wazzo was an outgoing, energetic young girl who liked to have a good time…a typical teenager. However, her mother was the United Planets Ambassador from Bgztl…not a typical teenager’s situation. Her mother’s position of responsibility forced similar...

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Background Real Name: Unrevealed (possibly Nyuen Chun Ti). Marital Status: Unknown, Presumed Single. Known Relatives: None (genetically engineered). Base Of Operations: Mobile. Group Affiliation: Fatal Five. Powers and Abilities Persuader is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. His...

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Powers and Abilities Like all Durlans, the Composite Man could shapeshift into any form he chose. Unlike other Durlans, however, he was genetically bred to copy powers and other properties of what he shapeshifts. History On Durla, politics is a constant struggle between secular and religious...

(Jenni Ognats)
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Background Real Name: Jenni Ognats Known Relatives: Jeven Ognats (Father), Dawn Allen-Ognats [Tornado Twin] (Mother, Deceased), Meloni Thawne (Aunt), Don Allen [Tornado Twin] (Uncle, Deceased), Bart Allen [Impulse] (Cousin), Iris Allen (Grandmother), Barry Allen [The Flash II] (Grandfather,...

Rebooted version
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History Tharok began life as an ordinary humanoid from the planet Zadron, and embarked on an unremarkable criminal career. His crimes became noteworthy when he stole a micro-solvent from a police arsenal and, when the police shot at him, they punctured the canister of solvent, allowing it to...

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History In a distant future, young Cecebeck’s parents were killed by the criminal. After finding the entrance to the Rock of Eternity, Beck awoke the slumbering wizard (Billy Batson). By saying the wizard’s name, Beck was granted the SHAZAM! powers, and became...

Salu Digby
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History Salu Digby was always very shy and socially awkward. She always managed to keep other people at arm’s length, and it helped that she was one of the best hand-to-hand fighters on her home planet, Imsk. When the Legion of Super-Heroes was formed, she was one of three finalists for...

(Jazmin Cullen)
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Powers and Abilities Jazmin has the ability to alter quantum fields, slowing time around a target. Her inborn power was originally very weak, but was raised through scientific experiments. History Jazmin Cullen was, like her brother James, born with the ability to create a time-stasis field...

Ayla Ranzz
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History Ayla Ranzz was used to being overlooked, being the only female child in her family. It always seemed that the only one who ever took notice of her was her twin brother Garth, and then only when he was jealous of her. But the sibling rivalry didn’t really get to Ayla, and she...