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(Silver Age profile)
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Background Real Name: Luornu Durgo. Other Aliases: Triplicate Girl, Duo Damsel, Tina Glenn, Marie Elkins. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: Unnamed parents. Group Affiliation: Legion of Super-Heroes, frequent adjunct of the Legion Espionage Squad. Base Of Operations: LSH Clubhouse,...

(Profile #2 - Classic LSH)
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Powers and Abilities Saturn Girl is one of the most powerful telepaths ever born on Titan. She can send and receive thoughts (in DC Heroes RPG terms, Telepathy), perceive surface thoughts and emotions (Empathy), and probe for deep or hidden memories (Mind Probe). Imra can seek out specific...

(Pre-Reboot version)
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Background Real Name: Tasmia Mallor. Other Aliases: Shadow Lass, “Shady”. Marital Status: Single (for most of her career, but could be Married or Widowed depending on the time period and the continuity—see note in the “Five Year Gap” section). Known Relatives:...

(Profile #1 - the Silver Age)
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Powers and Abilities Saturn Girl has powers of ESP, like most people from Titan, but her power of “super thought-casting” marks her as one of Titan’s mightiest telepaths. She can send and receive thoughts (in DC Heroes terms, Telepathy), perceive surface thoughts and...

(League of Super-Assassins)
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Titania occupies an interesting niche. DC is short on pure bricks , and relatively few of those are women. Titania’s pretty much the only female member of the Legion’s Rogues Gallery who can slug it out with the LSH’s super-strong contingent. Background Real...

(Post-Reboot version)
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History The planet Braal had few things to be happy about before the creation of the United Planets. Its economy was perpetually mired in depression and it was involved in a ruinous war with the planet Titan. The one bright light in Braal’s situation was the extremely popular sport of...

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They are handy characters, useful in many campaigns. They’re deadly psychotic henchmen, comfortable working for a master villain but with an agenda of their own. They’ve got a handy array of abilities which allow them a lot of tactical choices. They excel at surprise...

(Legion of Super-Heroes bestiary and monster manual)
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Introduction The Alien Animals File is a bestiary for some of the exotic alien creatures encountered by the Legion of Super-Heroes. It is my hope that it will be a fun and handy resource for any GM or writer. Like a Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual, the Alien Animals File is full of...

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The League of Super-Assassins was based in the pre-Zero Hour 30th century of the DCU. But they are in continuity again as of this writing, as confirmed in Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds. They are handy characters, useful in many campaigns. They’re deadly psychotic henchmen,...

(Pre-Crisis version)
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The treatment devised by Taryn’s father channels a bit of that excess energy into her muscles, making her as tough as three normal men (STR, BOD). Calorie Queen demonstrated competence in hand-to-hand combat, and solid general agility and athleticism. History Taryn Loy is the daughter of...