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Powers & Abilities Strength Level Due to his unusual size and girth, it can be presumed that Kali’kak possesses limited superhuman strength, even when not employing his nano-technology. Known Superhuman Powers Through the clever application of Cooperative nano-technology, Kali‘kak...

(Leonard Smalls)
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Powers & Abilities Due to his multiple exposures to the bizarre substance colloquially named “Q-Juice”, Holocaust is one of the most powerful Bang Babies to walk the planet earth. Unlike most Bang Babies, he has developed multiple gifts, but none so potent as his ability to harness...

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Powers and Abilities Reprise is a one-man army — within seconds he can duplicate himself an unclear amount of times. There is almost certainly a maximum number of duplicates that can be active, or perhaps a time limit before he collapses back into one single person, but such a limit has...