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Powers & Abilities Strength Level Due to his unusual size and girth, it can be presumed that Kali’kak possesses limited superhuman strength, even when not employing his nano-technology. Known Superhuman Powers Through the clever application of Cooperative nano-technology, Kali‘kak...

(Curt Metcalf)
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Context Hardware was one of the major characters of the Milestone imprint, operating in the original super-hero setting of Dakota City (and beyond). He appeared when the imprint launched, in 1993. As a genius engineer with a one-of-a-kind power armour , he’s loosely comparable to...

(Comic book version)
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Static also knew success as a cartoon character adaptation. When the Milestone universe was eventually absorbed by the DC Universe, this greatly helped Static not to disappear, and become a DC character making actual appearances. However, this profile is solely about the Milestone version of...

(Raquel Ervin)
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Background Real Name: Raquel Ervin Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Amistad Ervin (son), Robert Ervin (father), Sandra Ervin (mother), Della Ervin (sister, deceased), Del Ervin (stepbrother), Mrs. Ervin (grandmother, deceased), Ruth (great aunt), Reynard (cousin) Group Affiliation:...

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Background Real Name: Buck Wild Other Aliases: Icon II Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Unrevealed Group Affiliation: Partner of Rocket II Base Of Operations: Paris Island, Dakota City, USA Height: 6’2” Weight: 400 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Powers & Abilities Strength Level Buck...

(Augustus Freeman IV)
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Milestone Comics was a reaction to the lack of diversity in super-hero comic books and publishers. Thus, the bulk of the characters were non-White folks from the fictional city of Dakota. It trod an interesting ground by mixing classic super-hero themes and archetypes with a minority...

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Background Real Name: Darnice (last name unrevealed) Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: None Group Affiliation: None Base Of Operations: City of Dakota Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Age: 16 (as of 1996) Powers and Abilities Darnice is a talented athlete. The first Rocket gave her her...

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Powers and Abilities Brickhouse was fused with a brick wall during the Big Bang. This gave her enormous strength, durability, and density, as well as an unusual appearance. Brickhouse’s physical enhancements came at a price. She suffers from retrograde amnesia, no longer...

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Background Real Name: Martin Berger Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Rosie Berger (Mother) Group Affiliation: The Blood Syndicate Base Of Operations: Paris Island, Dakota City, midwestern US Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown Powers and Abilities Martin Berger has the ability to change into...

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History Rolando Texador was a Bang Baby, a gang member who received superhuman powers in the wake of the Big Bang. The Big Bang was supposed to be a rumble between all of the major gangs of Paris Island to settle their turf wars, once and for all. The Dakota City Police Department...