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(Curt Metcalf)
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Context Hardware was one of the major characters of the Milestone imprint, operating in the original super-hero setting of Dakota City (and beyond). He appeared when the imprint launched, in 1993. As a genius engineer with a one-of-a-kind power armour , he’s loosely comparable to...

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Powers & Abilities Strength Level Due to his unusual size and girth, it can be presumed that Kali’kak possesses limited superhuman strength, even when not employing his nano-technology. Known Superhuman Powers Through the clever application of Cooperative nano-technology, Kali‘kak...

(Leonard Smalls)
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Powers & Abilities Due to his multiple exposures to the bizarre substance colloquially named “Q-Juice”, Holocaust is one of the most powerful Bang Babies to walk the planet earth. Unlike most Bang Babies, he has developed multiple gifts, but none so potent as his ability to harness...

(Augustus Freeman IV)
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Milestone Comics was a reaction to the lack of diversity in super-hero comic books and publishers. Thus, the bulk of the characters were non-White folks from the fictional city of Dakota. It trod an interesting ground by mixing classic super-hero themes and archetypes with a minority...

(Raquel Ervin)
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Background Real Name: Raquel Ervin Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Amistad Ervin (son), Robert Ervin (father), Sandra Ervin (mother), Della Ervin (sister, deceased), Del Ervin (stepbrother), Mrs. Ervin (grandmother, deceased), Ruth (great aunt), Reynard (cousin) Group Affiliation:...

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Background Real Name: Buck Wild Other Aliases: Icon II Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Unrevealed Group Affiliation: Partner of Rocket II Base Of Operations: Paris Island, Dakota City, USA Height: 6’2” Weight: 400 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Powers & Abilities Strength Level Buck...

(Comic book version)
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Static also knew success as a cartoon character adaptation. When the Milestone universe was eventually absorbed by the DC Universe, this greatly helped Static not to disappear, and become a DC character making actual appearances. However, this profile is solely about the Milestone version of...

Carlos Quinones, Jr.
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Powers and Abilities Whereas most objects exist at one point in time, Fade exists as a wave packet, spread out over a period of three seconds. Thus, Fade is semi-transparent and intangible unless he concentrates. This also gives him a limited form of precognition (Danger Sense) and the...

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Powers and Abilities Reprise is a one-man army — within seconds he can duplicate himself an unclear amount of times. There is almost certainly a maximum number of duplicates that can be active, or perhaps a time limit before he collapses back into one single person, but such a limit has...

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History Wise Son is a Bang Baby, a gang member who received superhuman powers in the wake of the Big Bang. The Big Bang was supposed to be a rumble between all of the major gangs of Paris Island to settle their turf wars, once and for all. The Dakota City Police Department learned of the...