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Power Level
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Powers and Abilities Facehuggers are quick, agile, and can leap short distances. They are immensely strong for their size — it can take 2 or 3 able-bodied adult humans to outmuscle a grappling facehugger. Once a facehugger has secured a host, it puts the host to sleep. It can filter...

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Context Trollhunter (Trolljegeren) is a 2010 Norwegian movie. In it, a small group of students discovers a secret government service that keeps dangerous, monstrous trolls under control deep into the Norwegian wilderness. Our profile describes the 4 kinds of trolls seen in the movie. Notes ...

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Powers and Abilities Warrior ISOs are fearsome opponents. They are not only masters of the Identity Disc, but of virtually any weapon or vehicle that is made available, or which they acquire in the heat of a pursuit or fight. They are also highly intelligent soldiers, trained in a variety of...

(Blade movies)
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Overview Vampires in the Blade movie series are the result of a viral infection rather than a supernatural curse. Upon infection (inflicted via the bite of a vampire), the human victim changes into a vampire over the course of the next 72 hours. The infected subject will grow parasitic new...

The Matrix
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These statistics are for the upgraded Agents in The Matrix: Reloaded. Adjustments for the earlier version of the Agents can be found in the Previous Statistics section. Background Real Name: Each Agent has a generic surname. Known examples include Brown, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, and...