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(Dave Landers)
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Background Real Name: David Landers Other Aliases: “David Landover”, “Jumbo Jim Johnson”, “the Wompus” Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Sam (father, deceased), Rose (mother, deceased), Mark (brother, deceased), Art (uncle), Lisa (sister-in-law) ...

(Randy O'Brien)
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Background Real Name: Randall “Randy” Lawrence O’Brien Other Aliases: Randy O’Connell, Randy O’Connor Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: John (father), Rebecca (mother) Group Affiliation: Displaced Paranormals-7 (DP7) Aka Group C, Test Group III, Therapy...

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Powers and Abilities Despite her youth and modest stature, Priestess is a superior martial artist. She is trained in an undisclosed set of Japanese martial arts styles. Priestess presumably has been training every day of the week since she was 14. This includes both unarmed combat...