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(1941 Republic serial version)
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But I appreciate the “Golden Age” take I had never seen before. In reading background, it was generally considered to be the best movie serial ever made except for the Flash Gordon serials. The sequences of Cap in flight were amazing considering the era and the budget. It was...

(Cinematic version)
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Context This is a gisted profile for James Bond as he appears in the movies (as opposed to novels or video games). It thus covers all eras and actors up to 2012 and Die Another Day. James Bond being reportedly one of the most famous modern fictional characters, we’ll assume that further...

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Chris Adams is the leader of said Seven. The great Yul Brynner played him early on, and the role was then handed over to George Kennedy, perhaps known best as Dallas’ Carter McKay. Later on it was van Cleef, who was cool as usual. Background Real Name: Chris Larabee Adams. Known...

(Movie version)
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About two years ago I noticed a gaming buddy of mine had Barbarella in VHS format in his collection. I began to believe that I had missed out on a gamer classic…I bought the movie and found it is much different than what I expected. Still here she is… with S P O I L E R S, I...

(Wild World of Batwoman version)
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Context The Wild World of Batwoman (a.k.a. She Was A Hippie Vampire or Wild Wild World of Batwoman) is a catastrophically bad 1966 film. By far its greatest accomplishment is to have survived the obvious copyright infringement trial. Somehow. This writeup contains some S P O I L E R S...

Original movie version
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Powers and Abilities The Golem is a mystically-animated clay statue. As one might imagine, it is incredibly strong and very hard to damage in any meaningful way. History On a night in 1580, among the stars and mysteries of the sky, seated in his tower observatory, the learned alchemist Rabbi...