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(Atomic horror 1950s giant ants)
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Context This classic is one of the first nuclear monster films and one of the first “Big Bug” films. Another notable example of this sub-sub-genre is Tarantula (1955). In 1954, Them! was Warner Brothers’ highest grossing film. Them! is part of a genre sometimes called...

1951 movie version
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Background Base Of Operations: Outer Space Height: 6’7” Weight: 235 lbs Eyes: Green Hair: None Powers and Abilities The Thing was fairly strong, though not superhumanly so. It was very tough though, due to its vegetable nature. One of the scientists compared shooting...

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Context The creature was first seen in one of the classic 1950s Universal monster movies – in 1954, specifically. It had two sequels before the decade was over. This monster (also called the “Gill-Man”) is a minor horror icon, and thus often comes to mind when making...