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(The New Frontier)
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For persons unfamiliar with the John Henry folk tales this masked vigilante draws from, see our John Henry the Steel-Driving Man profile. This folklore has also informed a contemporary DC Comics character, Steel (John Henry Irons). Background Real Name: John Wilson Marital Status: Widower ...

(Erin Bia Singh O'Rourke)
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Future visions Dart has the uncanny ability to predict likely future events, to see possible futures, potential tomorrows (Precognition). In most cases, although not always, her predictions are involuntary and she will see catastrophes that are about to happen in a very short period of time...

(Christopher Champion)
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Powers and Abilities Tempest has the uncanny ability to generate a dimensional aperture which allows him to travel instantaneously to any location he desires throughout the multiverse. He has developed his ability through training and is capable of a number of stunts. In addition to his...

(Lola Kent Olsen)
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Powers and Abilities Supermaid is the daughter of Superman and thus has abilities which at least parallel his. While there may be more than shown in this one story, Lola can at least: fly at high speeds (in DC Heroes RPG terms Flight, Jumping) hear whispers from across a crowded room...

(Lisa Kent)
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Context Superlass appeared in 1969, in an issue of Superman’s girl friend, Lois Lane (yes, that was the series’ title). We wrote her up as part of an arc of obscure characters who are sort of, kind of “Supergirls” (that is, young super-women with close ties to Superman...

(Superman's imaginary children)
 0   -   
“Imaginary stories” were a recurrent feature of Silver Age  DC Comics, particularly in Superman titles. They dodge the static nature of super-hero comic books back then by postulating one-shot futures, which aren’t part of the normal stories’ continuity. In this...

(Andrea Thomas) (Filmation version)
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Background Real Name: Andrea Thomas Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Viola Thomas (widowed mother) Group Affiliation: None Base Of Operations: Mid-City in Northern California Powers and Abilities Kanab told Hatshepsut that the amulet would give her power over “all the forces of...

 0   -   
Description Alec was a well-built Anglo joqboy (athlete) with short red hair and blue eyes. Casually he wore knee-length pants and tank top vid-shirts. Alec’s costume consisted of a navy and grey armored vac suit and a navy leather jacket cloned from Jama’s skin cells (it also...

James Rook
 0   -   
History Thousands of years ago, in the otherdimensional kingdom of Myrra, there lived two mighty warriors, Nacht and Brom. The king of Myrra ordered Farben, his court magician, to create magical weapons for them. Thus Nacht received the enchanted Sword of Night, and Brom was given the...

(Of the year 2050)
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Background Real Name: Leonard Cohen, PhD. Other Aliases: The Protector of New York City. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: Rabbi Miriam Cohen (mother, deceased), Kenneth Cohen (father, deceased). Group Affiliation: None. Base Of Operations: New York, mobile. Height: 6’2”...