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Readers unfamiliar with this show should first check our Thomas Magnum, P.I. profile. The show comes highly recommended! Background Real Name: Dr. Jonathan Quale Higgins III. Other Aliases: Lord Jonathan Quale Higgins III, “Robin Masters”? Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives:...

(George Reeves TV version)
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Context The show (1951-1957) was before my time. I was born the year after it ended. Once I heard about it, I wanted to see it. But things weren’t like they are now. You couldn’t just order the DVDs or watch episodes on-line. You had to wait until a local station...

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Context Magnum P.I. was a detective TV series that ran throughout the 1980s. It was a fan-favourite and is often mentioned when discussing 1980s nostalgia. It was a good-natured male power fantasy – a fabulous island, humour, a Ferrari, beautiful women, a successful private...

(1990s live action version with John Wesley Shipp)
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Powers & Abilities Barry Allen is a professional criminalist with extensive experience. He was sometimes specifically referred to as a forensic chemist, but the breadth of his work commonly extended beyond that specialization into general criminalistics. He also has a great deal of...

(Ross Martin version)
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Background Real Name: Artemus Gordon Other Aliases: Arte, Aaron Addison, Angus MacGordon, Ascot Sam, Beldon Scoville, Jr., Captain Hull, Caruso del Artumo, Claude Renard, Colonel Cross, Colonel Doyle, Colonel Hernandez, Colonel Mosley, Count Draja, Count Felix Von Schleiswieg, Count Vladislov...

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Ave imperator, morituri te salutant ! Gladiators are usually, although not exclusively, slaves trained as elite fighters in a gladiator school. They are hired by outside sponsors to participate in major gladiatorial games spectated by the Roman elite as well as the common public in a...

Rebooted version
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Powers and Abilities Lee is a Colonial fleet officer of vast experience both Pre and post apocalypse. He is a leader of men and leads by example. He was promoted to fleet rank, Commander of the Pegasus and later left the military and went into politics. When Admiral Adama and President...

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As he has only two appearances and it’s in a two-part episode of the same story at that, I can get ridiculously detailed and even speculate about his history although I will always make it clear when I am speculating. I really liked the series and this was the kind of episode that fans in...

(Robert Conrad version)
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Context The Wild Wild West was a 1965-1969 TV show, starring Robert Conrad and Ross Martin. It was a particular childhood favorite of mine. Western shows were losing steam back then, so WWW was hybridised with more fashionable spy fantasy shows. Wild Wild West thus is a wonderful blend of...

(Holly Hathaway)
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Background Real Name: Holly Hathaway Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Sara Hathaway (adopted daughter) Group Affiliation: None Base Of Operations: Los Angeles Height: 5’ 6 ½” Weight: 135 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Blonde Powers and Abilities While her education and...