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(As portrayed by Henry Cele)
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Background Real Name: Shaka. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: Nandi (mother), Senzagakona (father – deceased), Nunko (younger sister), Mfunda (maternal grandmother – deceased), Gendeyana (step-father – deceased), Mkabayi (aunt), Dingonde (half-brother by Senzagakona),...

(Robert Conrad version)
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Context The Wild Wild West was a 1965-1969 TV show, starring Robert Conrad and Ross Martin. It was a particular childhood favorite of mine. Western shows were losing steam back then, so WWW was hybridised with more fashionable spy fantasy shows. Wild Wild West thus is a wonderful blend of...

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Readers unfamiliar with this show should first check our Thomas Magnum, P.I. profile. The show comes highly recommended! Background Real Name: Dr. Jonathan Quale Higgins III. Other Aliases: Lord Jonathan Quale Higgins III, “Robin Masters”? Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives:...

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Context Magnum P.I. was a detective TV series that ran throughout the 1980s. It was a fan-favourite and is often mentioned when discussing 1980s nostalgia. It was a good-natured male power fantasy – a fabulous island, humour, a Ferrari, beautiful women, a successful private...

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Powers and Abilities T-Bag has common criminal skills and is particularly adept at surviving in a hostile prison environment. He is a master of dirty tricks. He seems to be able to endure both extreme physical or mental torture without too much trouble. His strength of personality...

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Context Space 1999 was a 1975-1977 science-fiction TV show. It was thus just pre-Star Wars – an important landmark in terms of genre credibility. It was British, though it headlined US actors for the American market. Said actors were from the then-hot Mission Impossible series, and...

(John Reid) (Classic version)
Who was that masked man?
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Powers and Abilities Lone Ranger has no superhuman powers, but is an excellent brawler and gunfighter. He has been known to win brawls with multiple opponents. He shoots only to wound, never to kill. He CAN miss a shot, according to the Lone Ranger series bible, but he does so only “subject to the...

(Colonel John Smith)
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This show is a common subject of nostalgia for people who grew up watching TV during the 1980s (and may thus need help). Background Real Name: Colonel John Smith. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: None. Group Affiliation: The A-Team (A is for Alpha). Base Of Operations: Mobile. Eyes:...

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As he has only two appearances and it’s in a two-part episode of the same story at that, I can get ridiculously detailed and even speculate about his history although I will always make it clear when I am speculating. I really liked the series and this was the kind of episode that fans in...

(Number 6)
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Background Real Name: Unrevealed (Code names during his career included Duval, Schmitt, and Zed.M.73). Marital Status: Engaged. Known Relatives: Janet Portland (fiancée). Group Affiliation: None currently, formerly British Intelligence. Base Of Operations: London. Height: 6’2” Age: 39 during his...