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(Part #4)
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Valérian, space-time agent – start there. Laureline, space-time agent. Valérian and Laureline, space-time agents. Addendum – helpful alien animals. This fourth entry presents alien animals whose helpful abilities are used by Laureline and Valérian as an alternative to conventional...

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Species data Schniarfers — so named because they can schniarf — come from the dismal, extremely dangerous planet Bromn. They are homonculi with Human-like hands and a rattlesnake-like tail. As an evolutionary adaptation, their shabunal gland release a compound in their...

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Background Real Name: Emil, Lazlo, Piet, Radu and Stanis Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: The Umbra Sprite (Father) Group Affiliation: The Grackleflints Base of Operations: Unrevealed American city Height: 6’0″ Weight: 160 lbs Eyes: Black Hair: None Powers &...

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Background Base of Operations: Faerie dimension Height: About 13 metres Weight: About 8,500 kg, I guess Eyes: Black with yellow sclera Hair: Brown fur Powers & Abilities As far as one can discern, the Marhault (or “Marhault Ogre”) is a gigantic ape-like creature. Some...

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History Hymenopteria (nicknamed “the sixth continent” by Hugo Kala, Luc Orient and their friends) is the last home of the Rugoth tribe. The Rugoth are a small civilisations whose hazy origins disappear into Classical times. They developed an extraordinary technology by the...

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Background Names: Couqui, Pepo Base Of Operations: Karakorum Height: 7’8” Weight: 350 lbs Eyes: Varies Hair: None Powers and Abilities The Karaki have two distinct forms, between which they can switch in a few seconds. The first is an apparently harmless, roughly humanoid...

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Powers and Abilities Basically big thugs with above average strength and below average intelligence and speed, except where reproduction is concerned. Think the original Hulk, only dumber. History In January 1990, Calvin invoked the power of the “mighty and awful snow demons” to...