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(Laslo Pevely)
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Context The Terror is a relatively obscure Golden Age , who appeared in 1941-42. He was in Mystic Comics by Timely Publication, the predecessor of Marvel Comics. The Terror made a comeback in The Sensational She-Hulk in 1990, but it didn’t quite fit in… anything. So this...

(Heathrow Vance)
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Background Real Name: Professor Heathrow Vance Other Aliases: “The radium-eyed madman” Marital Status: Unknown Known Relatives: None Group Affiliation: Former leader of the “wonder gang” Base Of Operations: Presumably in the vicinity of New York City Height:...

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Powers & Abilities The supernatural investigator is an expert at debunking so-called paranormal phenomena. To do so he relies on extensive scientific knowledge regarding magnetic fields, materials engineering, newtonian physics and the like. He is affluent and well-travelled, and might...

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Background Real Name: Unrevealed. Other Aliases: “Tuk” means “avenger”. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: Phadion (likely father, deceased), Rhaya (likely mother, deceased), Ak (adoptive father, deceased). Group Affiliation: Partner of Tanir. Base Of...

(The Blind Science Wizard)
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Background Real Name: Dr. Kevin Scott Marital Status: Engaged Known Relatives: Moira (fiancée) Group Affiliation: None Base Of Operations: USA Height: 5’11” Weight: 170 lbs. Eyes: Unrevealed Hair: Dark grey Powers & Abilities Dr. Scott is a multidisciplinary...

(aka "Oriental Giants")
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On the other hand even .303 gunfire didn’t qualify, though it might have worked had the weapon been fired point-blank — and how loud firearms are is routinely underestimated in fiction. This vulnerability was puzzlingly explained as a result of the giants living in a world without...

(Marvel Boy encounter)
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Powers and Abilities It is strongly hinted that the Serpent can turn into a large, very poisonous snake, and that she has a rapport with serpents (and possibly other kinds of reptiles). History In 1951, a rare snake escaped from an American zoo (perhaps the Bronx zoo). On the next day the...

 0   -   
This is a/ a brief 1950s story and b/ she doesn’t actually do anything in it, really. So the game stats are mostly guesses. She is vaguely reminiscent of some cheap European 1970s horror films, like the “blind dead” Amando de Ossorio  movies, and some minor Italian...

(Profile #1 - the 1950s)
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Note that this first profile does not uses additional information and retcons  from later appearances, with the exception of some data from Files of Nick Fury – Secret War. Each profile in the series only covers that version of Jimmy. Background Real Name: James...

(Bob Grayson profile #1 - 1950s version)
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“Giant meteors ! Quick — more power from the atomic repulse guns ! We’ve got to stop them before they pulverise the Earth !” Background Real Name: Robert “Bob” Grayson. Nobody ever calls him “Robert”, including his...