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Flexo has been seen during no less than four separate missions against criminals. The first was to prevent the evil Doctor Murdo from fashioning a Death Ray from some radium he’d stolen. The second saw Flexo retrieving a secret ’torpedo repeller‘ that the spy Karl Damos...

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Powers and Abilities He’s got no arms ! But his teeth are really sharp. History As a youth, he worked in a mechanical laboratory in Munich, when one day his arms were caught in some machinery. After the loss of his arms, he spent years training to make his teeth and legs...

(Elton Morrow)
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Background Real Name: Elton T. Morrow, PhD. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: None. Group Affiliation: Liberty Legion/Invaders. Base Of Operations: Mobile. Height: 6’ Weight: 240 lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown Powers and Abilities Professor Morrow’s body was permeated with shards of...

(Jeffrey Mace)
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Powers and Abilities Like the Spirit of ’76, the Patriot is an All-American, two-fisted action hero of World War Two, with the usual abilities. His shtick was his mastery of the fighting arts (above average for an action hero). He was also pretty good with the shield once he became...

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Powers and Abilities Namor’s dual Human/Atlantean heritage allows him to live and breathe comfortably both on land and in the sea. He has immense strength and speed that is most effective in the ocean, diminishing on dry land. He also possesses small fin-like wings on his ankles that enable him to...

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Powers and Abilities Red Raven is a normal human raised in utopian environment with superior technology. As a result, he is stronger, faster, and more agile than normal humans are, and possibly longer-lived. He wears a suit with giant wings and anti-gravity devices that provides him extra...

Bruce Dickson
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Powers and Abilities The Thin Man can convert his entire body into a highly malleable state at will, enabling him to stretch, deform, expand or compress all or any part of his body into any shape. He most often uses his power to elongate portions of his body, such as his arms, or to flatten...

Spencer Keen
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At one point the Blue Blaze was using a super-charged speedster and a secret mountain base with a lab. Then the original writer returned and the Blaze was retconned to having his grave mystically move around. The second version being more memorable, I have gone with the retcon and...

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As it turns out this character just reappeared in a limited series – Straczynski’s The Twelve. Straczynski’s version is different from the originals, in most cases (and he pretty much *had* to, really) so I’ve decided to limit most writeups to the material actually...

(Johann Shmidt)
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Powers and Abilities The Red Skull is a highly-trained combatant and master of several scientific disciplines, most notably biochemistry and robotics. He is also highly adept at manipulating others to do his bidding, often having a cult of followers or numerous allies assisting him in his...