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Context Madam Fatal is a Golden Age  character from Quality Comics. The feature ran in Crack Comics from 1940 to 1942, then she essentially vanished. The Quality characters were later bough by DC Comics. So she retroactively existed in the DC Universe’s 1940s as well. I...

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Miss Dianne Grayton, beautiful and athletic, wages a private war against crime and Unamerican activities, by transforming herself from a wealthy debutante into the Spider Widow, the most horrible dispenser of justice of all times ! Background Real Name: Dianne Grayton Other Aliases: The...

(Dan Richards)
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This profile was part of a small series republishing tuned-up Mayfair stats with basic DC Comics background material. This was done back when some Mayfair sourcebooks were hard to find, especially internationally. Thus, it’s not a full-fat character profile. Background Real Name:...

(Roy Lincoln)
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The following are very simple, very old notes concatenating Mayfair and DC material. This was done during the 1990s, back when it was difficult to find older books. Background Real Name: Roy Lincoln. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: Professor B. Lincoln (father, deceased). Base Of...

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History Michael and Lance Gallant were born in 1919, and were identical twins, even to a curious T-shaped birthmark on the left wrist of each. As they grew up, they were virtually inseparable, at least until Michael joined the US Army Air Corps. It appears he was engaged in some secret...