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Ralph Hardy
 0   -   
Powers and Abilities While wearing the Jaguar Belt and uttering the word “Jaguar”, not only can Hardy communicate telepathically with animals, but he becomes : as tough as “a rhinoceros’ hide intensified a thousand times” has “the strength of a million...

 0   -   
History When his father was killed by gangsters, young John decided to become a crimefighter. Studying chemistry, he searched for something that would give him an edge in battle ; what he found was a formula which, theoretically, would give his body the properties of steel. Coating...

Lancelot Strong
 0   -   
Powers and Abilities Lancelot harnesses mental energy into various feats of physical prowess, such as : superstrength and resilience surviving temperature extremes which would kill other living organisms spending extended time underwater leaping as far as a cannonball superspeed so...

Bill Higgins
 0   -   
History Bill Higgins is the son of Joe Higgins, the Original Shield, who was petrified by the Eraser. Donning a spare Shield costume, he vowed to continue his father’s work. Sadly, in his private life, Bill was a total washout and at times seemed cursed. Genuinely clumsy, he...

Thomas Troy
 0   -   
Powers and Abilities As the Fly, Troy possesses a pair of insect-like wings that allow for flight. These wings are powerful enough to generate huge, buffeting winds that can send grown adults sailing. Other abilities include : strength 100 times more powerful than a human the...