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(Shadowgrounds video game monster)
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These beasties looked like they could be useful to have, and can be reused in many contexts. For more context, see our profile for Wesley Tyler, the game’s hero. Overview Brute maulers are, perhaps not surprisingly, hulking musclebound bruisers. They are humanoids, but their head is...

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Context Shadowgrounds is a 2006 video game. It is a top-down shooter – so the battling ballistic action is seen as if hovering above the main character. But is otherwise quite reminiscent of DooM. It has the general “space cyberpunk ” aesthetics. So think...

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Powers & Abilities (As often on, this section reframes Gaige’s abilities so they make sense outside of video game logic. It also assumes a typical Ordered Chaos/Best Friends Forever build, though there’s about four standard builds for Gaige.) Gaige is a...

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Playing Borderlands The first Borderlands game, released in 2009 and 2010, has some peculiarities that may make the beginning of the game frustrating. So if you play it — perhaps after getting it on sale — here are a few quick but important pointers : On PC it is easy to get...

(Profile #1 - early Borderlands)
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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The illusive generic Vault Hunter The “characters” in the first Borderlands game are closer to being character classes, as they can all develop a variety of builds in typical Action-Adventure Computer...

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Much of this weaponry doesn’t seem suitable for engaging military targets. The marines in the games are seen wearing hard suits of some sort, but most of the weapons fire light projectiles that are unlikely to penetrate military body armour. This suggests that the marines are stationed...

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Background Group Affiliation: Forces of Hell. Base Of Operations: Mobile. Height: 3’/100’ Weight: 50 /100,000 lbs. Eyes: Blue/None Hair: Black/None. Note: The measurements in front of the slash are for Romero’s head itself, while the measurements behind the slash are for...

(Quake video game version)
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Context This is a monster from the landmark Quake video game in 1996. For more context, see our Quake Player Character profile. Powers and Abilities Chthon was a unique servitor, a lesser Elder God that Shub-Niggurath had enslaved. He could hurl explosive clumps of molten rock and...

(Doom video game)
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Background Group Affiliation: Forces of Hell. Base Of Operations: Mobile. Height: 12’ Weight: 2200 lbs. Eyes: Glowing Red Hair: None Powers and Abilities These gargantuan cybernetic monstrosities can take more damage than any other hellspawn, withstanding up to 50 rockets before...

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Context This is a monster from the landmark Doom video games of the 1990s. For more context, see our Doom marine profile. Background Group Affiliation: Forces of Hell. Base Of Operations: Mobile. Height: 10‘ Weight: 1800 lbs. Eyes: Red Hair: None Powers and Abilities This...