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Powers & Abilities (As often on, this section reframes Gaige’s abilities so they make sense outside of video game logic. It also assumes a typical Ordered Chaos/Best Friends Forever build, though there’s about four standard builds for Gaige.) Gaige is a...

(Profile #1 - early Borderlands)
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The illusive generic Vault Hunter The “characters” in the first Borderlands game are closer to being character classes, as they can all develop a variety of builds in typical Action-Adventure Computer Role-Playing Game fashion. For instance, this entry assumes that Lilith has a typical...

(Future Cop: LAPD)
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Besides, I don’t remember much of a story anyway. But of course it was almost 20 years ago, and given my skill level I doubt I progressed much in the game in any case. Background Group Affiliation: Property of the LAPD. Base Of Operations: Los Angeles. Height: 5,17m Weight: 1789Kg ...