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Powers and Abilities Facehuggers are quick, agile, and can leap short distances. They are immensely strong for their size — it can take 2 or 3 able-bodied adult humans to outmuscle a grappling facehugger. Once a facehugger has secured a host, it puts the host to sleep. It can filter...

(Blade movies)
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Overview Vampires in the Blade movie series are the result of a viral infection rather than a supernatural curse. Upon infection (inflicted via the bite of a vampire), the human victim changes into a vampire over the course of the next 72 hours. The infected subject will grow parasitic new...

The Matrix
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These statistics are for the upgraded Agents in The Matrix: Reloaded. Adjustments for the earlier version of the Agents can be found in the Previous Statistics section. Background Real Name: Each Agent has a generic surname. Known examples include Brown, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, and...

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This profile was written many years before the continuity reboot, so it corresponds to the older Expanded Universe version of the setting. The exact sources it uses are listed in the profile’s footer, if you need to be sure. Powers and Abilities Sand People are skilled in desert...

(Xenomorphs from the Alien movies franchise)
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Powers and Abilities Aliens are fairly agile, an advantage that is increased by their ability to cling to most surfaces and their prodigious leaps. Their partially silicate structure provides them with considerable strength, enough to fatally injure a human being with a single blow or tear...