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(During the Silver Age, as Superman's Pal)
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This material mostly takes place on pre-Crisis Earth-1. If the previous sentence was gobbledegook to you, see our article about the ages and Earths of DC Comics. It was a great, classic run of comics; campy stories of a human reporter in a world of wonder and superheroes. I’m amazed...

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Context Dr. Blaine was a very, very minor Batman ally. On the other hand, he appeared in a classic, early Ra’s al Ghul storyline in 1972. Ra’s al Ghul is a major Batman villain. He’s an immortal mastermind trying to save the world via terrorism, and a match for Batman...

(Pre-Crisis version)
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Background Real Name: Unrevealed, possibly unknown. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: None. Group Affiliation: Nun at the Sanctuary. Base Of Operations: The Sanctuary ashram, near Star City ; later the Sounds Okay records shop in Star City. Height: 5’5” Weight: 110...

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Powers and Abilities Ranagor is a capable fighter and equestrian, and quite courageous. Although he’s not super-muscular, he’s very tall. His strength is impressive. History Ranagor lives in an unnamed dimension , in an area dominated by the medieval city of...