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He also had some other, random-seeming abilities. He could : Trigger explosions at a touch. Transmit thoughts and images to somebody pressing his hand real hard against his skull (to get as close as possible to his brain). Effect molecular transformation. He used this to project...

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History Lex Luthor’s younger sister Lena once accidentally ruined one of Lex’s childhood experiments. That was before he lost his hair. Said experiment involved “some kind of space-brain that plunged into our atmosphere”. Lena touches the brain while Lex tries to...

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Background Individual Names: Superboy Robot 6, The Kryptonoid Hybrid, etc. Marital Status: Inapplicable Known Relatives: Superman (creator) Group Affiliation: The Superman Robot Legion Base Of Operations: Mobile Height: 6’3″ Weight: approx ½ ton Eyes: Blue Hair: Black Powers and...

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The first chronicled encounter with a Great White Ape took place during World War Two when CPT Richard Montgomery Flag’s PT boat, trapped on Dinosaur Island, tried barrelling down a river to reach the ocean and sail away. Vicious mega-fauna attempted to sink the boat. When the immense...

Abigail Kent
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Powers and Abilities In her super-powered form, Barracuda possesses Powers of “deep-sea swimming and whale-like strength”. She can travel underwater at incredible speeds and can make tremendous leaps out of the water. In one scene, she displays the ability to hover approximately 8...

Quarm extradimensional
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Additionally the mental link it had to Superman gave it the uncanny ability to locate the Man of Steel all around the world. Lastly, it had a strange ability to move around quite unseen from both Superman and other humanoids. History Somewhere in the deserts of the USA used to be an...

Silver Age
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Background Real Name: Quisp Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Quink (Identical twin brother) Group Affiliation: None Base Of Operations: The secret sea beneath the bed of Earth’s oceans. Height: 2’ Weight: 25 lbs (?) Eyes: Black Hair: Green Powers and Abilities Quisp...

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Powers and Abilities Topper is a huge and very powerful man. Like all giant thugs he is, of course, faster than he looks. But Topper takes it further by actually having a remarkable degree of martial ability. He could engage and hit Richard Dragon, arguably the best living martial...

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Wait. They are creepy stalkers with the serum, too. Oh well. It’s another super-obscure source for superhuman powers you may want to bring back to your campaign’s DCU in a fit of perversion. History The inseparable Star triplets, like any Kanigher-written male, wanted to...