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(Green Arrow enemy)
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Powers and Abilities Vengeance seems to be a fairly competent bounty hunter, and I assumed that he had military experience and served during the Việt Nam invasion. He’s a good shot, carries a surprising number of weapons and doesn’t hesitate to use them. Vengeance is an...

 0   -   
Background Real Name: Unrevealed. Marital Status: Unrevealed. Known Relatives: Reputedly the Fée Morgane (mother). Group Affiliation: None. Base Of Operations: An unrevealed dimension. Height: 7’1” Weight: 220 lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Red Powers and Abilities Morgana is...

(The man who studied with Bruce Lee)
 0   -   
Sing was a match for the titular Richard Dragon, which means in turn that he’s one of the very best martial artist in the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths DC Universe. A curious title to bear for such an obscure, dated character. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle ||...

Peter McBryde
 0   -   
He can instantly teleport objects or even people from one of his hands to the other. When people are teleported in this manner they are temporarily disoriented both from their shift in space and their brief brush with The Void. Void may attempt to reflect incoming missile weapon attacks...

Natalia Knight
 0   -   
History Nocturna is the adopted daughter of crime boss Charles Knight. Knight provided Natalia with every luxury, every advantage possible, while not letting her know of his career. When he died she learned where his money came from, and met and fell in love with Knight’s son, Anton. She...

 0   -   
Multi-Woman is reminiscent of the 1958 Attack of the 50ft Woman movie. But then not every giant lady has to be inspired by this movie. Background Real Name: Multi-Woman. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: None. Group Affiliation: League of Challenger-Haters. Base Of Operations:...