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(aka "the malignant brain")
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The main character isn’t really named in the story. “Malignant brain” and “tyrannical Count” are the two most distinctive ways he’s called in the captions. So we used that as an arbitrary name – hence the quote marks. For what it’s worth,...

(aka Commander Video)
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Context General Electric was one of the main villains during the short run of Jack Kirby’s Sandman, in 1974-76. While he’s certainly dated and quite Silver Age  in tone, he’s interesting enough to be reworked and modernised. And he did return, though said return was...

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The first chronicled encounter with a Great White Ape took place during World War Two when CPT Richard Montgomery Flag’s PT boat, trapped on Dinosaur Island, tried barrelling down a river to reach the ocean and sail away. Vicious mega-fauna attempted to sink the boat. When the immense...

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Powers and Abilities Swift Otter is a US Navy combat swimmer and underwater demolition specialist with extensive combat experience. As such he’s adept at swimming discreetly into enemy ports to blow up warships, clear underwater obstacles and mines, sneak onto beaches at night to...

(Baby pterosaur)
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Powers and Abilities “Dino” is a hatchling from one of the species of mega-pterosaurs found on Dinosaurs Island. Adult specimen of species within this clade frequently have a wingspan well over 100 metres. This is easily ten times the size of the largest known real-world...

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Powers and Abilities The Flying Boots appear to be special operations WWII American soldiers – probably US Army Rangers from the Sixth Battalion (see below). In any case they are extensively trained, can operate deep behind enemy line without support, and are well-armed shock troops...

(Mission X version)
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Context The Suicide Squad is a special-purpose unit that has existed in the DC Universe since the 1940s. It is based on minor, obscure stories that started in 1959 in The Brave and the Bold, with the concept having been revitalized by multiple writers. However there have been many versions of...

(Plus Dinosaur Island and War That Time Forgot notes)
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A very different version later emerged, with no personnel in common with its predecessor – the Mission X version of the Suicide Squad. The Suicide Squadron was a US military unit. Though it was very unconventional it still used military uniforms, tactics, weapons, vehicles, protocols,...

(Paula Brooks profile #2)
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Background Real Name: Paula Brooks (possibly Paula Crock). Other Aliases: The Masked Marvel, Mrs. Menace. Marital Status: Married. Known Relatives: The original Tigress (mother), “Crusher” Crock (aka the Sportsmaster, husband), Artemis Crock (aka Artemis, aka Tigress, daughter). ...

(Paul Kirk profile #2 - post-resurrection)
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Background Real Name: Paul Kirk Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: None Group Affiliation: Former agent of the Council Base Of Operations: Mobile Height: 5’11” Weight: 190 lbs Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown Powers and Abilities Manhunter II is a very experienced adventurer, detective and...