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Description Jama has green eyes and long dark brown hair which she usually wears in a top knot. Her skin tone is dark in color and her general appearance hints that she might be of Indian heritage. In addition she has a tattoo on her forehead which constantly shifts into random...

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History Gabrielle lost her original body in the Vismavitra Orbital Habitat firestorm. Luckily, her mother had enough influence with the military/industrial industry to have Gabrielle’s mind implanted within a decommissioned combat-prostheses. Her body was then fitted with codes to...

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Description Alec was a well-built Anglo joqboy (athlete) with short red hair and blue eyes. Casually he wore knee-length pants and tank top vid-shirts. Alec’s costume consisted of a navy and grey armored vac suit and a navy leather jacket cloned from Jama’s skin cells (it also...

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History Hikarimono’s past is unknown to him due to neurological damage received when he was embodied. This same neurological damage is responsible for his speech impediment as well as his altered sensory perception. After being “embodied” he was found and rescued by nomads...