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Power Level
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Powers and Abilities A powerful mutant telepath, she uses Mind Control/Hypnotism to make people do her bidding. Though she’s blind, she possess a third red eye in the middle of her forehead that gives her the ability to see the “other’s souls”. She sees through...

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History Nothing is known of her childhood but her adolescence filled the police records of various US states. By 15 she had been already arrested for armed robbery, home invasion, auto theft, aggravated battery and reckless homicide. She dropped out of high school, had a baby, got married,...

Trent Peterson
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Powers and Abilities Buzzcut is huge, super-strong, super-tough and his three right arms are fitted with huge armored buzzsaws. He revels in blood and killing and is an impulsive, irrational, extremely violent fighter. History Trent Peterson was born with three arms on the right side of his...

(Lydia O'Rourke)
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Background Real Name: Lydia O’Rourke Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: William (Father, Deceased), Jim (Lover, deceased) Group Affiliation: Cyberdata’s SHOCs, Gamorra Corporation Base Of Operations: Cyberdata, Gamorra’s Isle of the Deads, Mobile depending on the period Height: 5’10”...