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Powers and Abilities Rhiannon is a physically fit woman, faster and stronger than she seems… and with thousands of years of experience, and the training of a Celtic priestess. She has a nearly hypnotic effect on men she’s interested in – making them faithful and highly...

Jeremiah Sturm
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History Stürm, a Ph.D. in history, was hired by billionaire J.D. Hunt to tutor his son Guy. Stürm was quite glad, as his mother needed round the clock care, and his insurance had run dry. However, he was unaware of the peculiar psychology of Hunt and his son. Guy Hunt was...

Tommy Kwan
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History Tom Kwan was one of the persons on the tram in San Francisco that was hit by blue lightning – the jumpstart, which gave all passengers on the bus ultra powers. Like most of the passengers, Kwan didn’t realize he had powers at all ; however, he was shaken by the event,...