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(Fall of the Dungeon Guardians adventuring party)
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I’ve found a place to live – I got it the hard way. A permanent address to give – I got it for always. Nobody can tear me loose. They tell me there’s no escape. Context The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians is a minor indie video game, published in 2015. It is a...

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What ? Most of the character profiles on are from comic books, so showing what the character looks like is trivial. But there are other cases where we need to generate original visuals : Profiles for characters from novels, short stories, choose-your-own, books, etc.....

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This document These are simply my notes about playing on Warrior difficulty – not a full walkthrough. If you don’t want to go in blind and waste time, but without having your hand held at every step and everything spoiled, it should be about right. Guides such as puzzles and...

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Limos demons often accompany less impressive eurynomus demons. These presumably serve Eurynomos – the demonic embodiment of corpses rotting. Mayhap the limoi lead the eurynomes in a fashion. A giant, ancient limos demon also stalemated an Athenian military unit during the...

(Shadowgrounds video game monster)
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These beasties looked like they could be useful to have, and can be reused in many contexts. For more context, see our profile for Wesley Tyler, the game’s hero. Overview Brute maulers are, perhaps not surprisingly, hulking musclebound bruisers. They are humanoids, but their head is...

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Context Shadowgrounds is a minor 2006 shooter video game, by Frozenbytes. There are scythe worms in it. For a bit more context, see our Wesley Tyler character profile. These beasties looked like they could be useful to have, and can be reused in many contexts. Overview Scythe worms...

(Shadow Warrior) ("Coolie" zombie)
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Overview These undead servants are named “coolie zombies” because most of them wear a conical straw hat. Variants on this sort of hat are commonly used throughout Asia and nearby islands for prolonged outdoors labour. Indentured servants of large companies were often called...

(Video game guide)
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The following are notes I took whilst learning the game. Thus, almost everything is useful for beginners, not players with a long TQ experience. It assumes that you’re already familiar with the game’s genre, though. Consider it a way to make your first playthrough, on normal...

(Dungeons & Dragons)
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Background Height: 10′ or so (a full-sized adult is 20′ long). Weight: 800 lbs or so for a 10′ long specimen, up to three tons for a large adult 20′ long. Colours: Chitin can be brown, green or yellow. Pinkish underside. Overview Ankhegs are primarily burrowing...

(Serious Sam)
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Powers & Abilities These biomechanoids are chiefly mobile weapon platforms. They are equipped with two energy cannons, which they instinctively aim and fire. These weapons are presented as lasers, but the energy pulses have a readily observable travel time. They might in fact be...