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Context Recettear is an indie Japanese video game that is part retail simulation and part dungeon exploration, with a simple story. Several characters have their profile, the main one being Recette. is a detailled encyclopaedia of fictional characters, with an...

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Context To us older people, the Tartarus is the modern equivalent of the Belkin Nostromo. It is a one-handed PC mini-keyboard plus a number of under-the-thumb buttons, and it can be extensively programmed. It is primarily intended for video games where one presses many different buttons as...

(2013 video game)
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Context How to survive is a 2013 survival horror video game, released for PC and various consoles. This page is a strategy guide for people new to the game. As to, it is an online encyclopaedia about fictional characters, monsters and the like. If you’ve come here...

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Context Warframe is a free-to-play third-person space shooter video game. It has been around since 2013. In a way it’s comparable to Path of Exile. That is it’s complex, involved, somewhat strange, and the free-to-play isn’t *too* predatory (but do remain wary). As...

(Using speech recognition in games)
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Context This is our second article about playing video games with diminished, or simply mediocre, manual dexterity. I’m writing this as a person with nerve damage. But this can be useful both for persons with more severe issues (such as missing fingers), or people who simply are...

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Context Oni Goroshi  is a Path of Exile AARPG  item. It is a potent one that can be obtained at level 1… but at a price. This brief guide about farming it doesn’t offer revolutionary advice. But it has what you need. The main advice being – buy it from...

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Context Graveyard Keeper is a build-and-craft game, with some question, dungeon explorations, mysteries and the like on top. It was released in August of 2018, though polishing until September wouldn’t have hurt. is an encyclopaedia about fictional characters (mostly comics...