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Context This is a chapter of our Weapons Locker – Body Armour series, a great and thunderous saga full of, err, well, body armour. The start of the series is about the DC Heroes RPG rules for body armour. So DCH players should start there, to make sure they understand the stats. These...

(Technical introduction)
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Introduction This article deals in body armour, from the low-tech to the future tech. Like most Weapons Locker articles, the primary goal is RPG stats. The other chapters are mostly in plain English, but this intro chapter is mostly technical. As always with Weapons Locker articles, we...

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Introduction This introductory article deals in melee weapons, from the low-tech to the future tech. It is almost solely a technical RPG article for DCH players. It’s a primer for those who haven’t attentively processed all our New Rules articles. On the other hand, the subsequent...