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Jack Braun
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Powers and Abilities Jack “Golden Boy” Braun is one of the strongest men in the Wild Cards world, and generates a golden glow/force field around his body that makes him nearly invulnerable. He’s greatly feared in combat, and has been known to routinely destroy entire tank...

Captain Trips persona
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DC Universe History See the Captain Trips write-up for Cosmic Traveler’s DC History in conjunction with Mark Meadows. With Mark living in Opal City, Cosmic Traveler would probably be found during some huge upset, such as the Mist’s occasional rampages, trying to find a safe...

Captain Trips persona
 0   -   
Quotes “I did not ask to be here, land-dweller.” Dr. Tachyon: “Do you have any other tricks up your sleeve? Something that might help us take out the guards.” Aquarius (rancourously): “I turn into a dolphin, and I swim real fast.” DC Universe History See...

 0   -   
Background Alter ego: Doug Morkle Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: None Group Affiliation: None Base Of Operations: Usually mobile Height: 5’ Weight: 300 lbs Age: 200+ Eyes: Purple Hair: Black Powers and Abilities Like all Morakh, Durg has been genetically engineered for...