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Context Gamorra was, in early-ish Wildstorm Comics publications, an imaginary cyberpunk  insular rogue nation. It often provided a haven or resources for bad guys. You can find some more context about it in the Gamorra Island profile. The rebellion against Clan Gamorra, the...

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It is a typical early 1990s ruthless government shadow assets thingie — think X-Files mated with Jason Bourne. Organization Full Name : International Operations. Purpose : IO was created to give the US a special security division to deal with the alien threats emerging after...

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History Those are used by the mob. They where first met by the WildCATs during a sting operation to trap Maxine “Ladytron” Manchester. Masses of zombots where used against the WildCATs by the New York City mob bosses when the WildCATs declared their war on crime. Powers and Abilities...