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She has some level of control over her endocrine system, and can slow down her perception of time. Also, she seems capable of manifesting extra arms as well as multiple copies of herself and at varying sizes. History Little is known of her life before joining The Monarchy, even by the...

(StormWatch) (part #1)
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The parts go : Fahrenheit profile #1 – agent of StormWatch. Fahrenheit profile #2 – StormWatch Red leader. Fahrenheit profile #3 – the StormWatch PHD project. Background Real Name: Lauren Pennington. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: Tara (sister, deceased), Peter...

(StormWatch) (Part #2)
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Powers and Abilities Fahrenheit’s general abilities have not changed. However she has grown in experience, power and competence. She’s no longer a rookie, but a proficient super-heroine. History Henry Bendix then returned as Weatherman. He reorganized...

(StormWatch) (part #3)
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Background Real Name: Lauren Pennington. Marital Status: Single. Known Relatives: Tara (sister, deceased), Peter (father, deceased). Group Affiliation: StormWatch PHD New York. Base Of Operations: 18th precinct station house in New York City. Height: 5’9” Weight: 131 lbs. Eyes: Green Hair: Red ...

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Background Real Name: Jakita Wagner. Other Aliases: “Jackie”. Marital Status: Presumably single. Known Relatives: Kevin Sack (Lord Blackstock, father, deceased), Anaykah (mother, status unknown), the Wagner spouses (foster parents, presumably deceased). Group Affiliation: Planetary. Base Of...

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She is likely named after a traditional African-American work song. One of the first known recording is by Lead Belly  in 1939, but it reached the mainstream in a rock version by Ram Jam  in 1977. The “Black Betty” in the song is thought to be a variant on the Black...

(Peter's profile)
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Background Real Name: Angela “Angie” Spica Other Aliases: The Maker, Professor Spica Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Unnamed father, unnamed mother, five unnamed sisters Group Affiliation: The Authority Base Of Operations: The Carrier, mobile Height: 5’11”...

Bryan's profile
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Powers and Abilities Angela Spica has exchanged every drop of blood in her body with nine pints of liquid machinery. This unique substance gives her a variety of special abilities. Visually, her most impressive power is the ability to create almost anything out of the trace elements that...

(Jeroen Thornedike)
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The Doctor appeared in 1999 as The Authority thunderously launched, as written by Warren Ellis. The series (and its precursor issues, the landmark Ellis run on Stormwatch) was highly influential and successful. Background Real Name: Jeroen Thornedike. Other Aliases: The Shaman. Marital...

(The Authority)
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Background Real Name: Unrevealed. Other Aliases: The Sun God, the Sun King. Marital Status: Married. Known Relatives: The Midnighter (husband), Jenny Quantum/Quarx (adoptive daughter). Group Affiliation: The Authority. Base Of Operations: The Carrier, mobile. Height: 5’11”...